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A life-size cast iron statue of an aged Francois Begue (1750-1837) sporting his tricorn hat stands high atop a pedestal. Begue, who called himself le pere Magloire (Father Magloire), was a local character who told tall tales about being Robespierre’s secretary in 1793. Although the source of Francois Begue’s fortune (some say he was a healer or chiropractor) and eccentricities is not absolutely known, he was certainly known in the Charonne Village neighborhood as a jolly man. Look closely and you’ll see a rose in his left hand. It is a variety of rose that he claims to have invented. Knowing that death was inevitable, Begue had his monument erected four years before he died and even planned his funeral, reportedly stipulating that he be buried with a liter of wine cradled in his arm.

If the church is open, consider stepping inside. Although it has been rebuilt several times in the last 800 years, Saint-Germain de Charonne still has a Romanesque feel. There are a number of grape-inspired motifs carved into the stone, which pay homage to the village of Charonne, which had a number of vineyards at the time.

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Hours: November 6-March 15: Mon-Fri 8 am-5:30 pm, Sat 8:30 am-5:30 pm, Sun and holidays 9 am-5:30 pm

March 16-November 5: Closing hours extended to 6 pm Metro: Exelmans (a sign at the exit points to the cemetery)

Well-maintained Auteuil Cemetery is a little under two acres in size and perfect for a short stroll. According to the plaque outside the gate, the cemetery was founded in 1800 by Pierre-Antoine Benoist, the Mayor of Auteuil (he is buried in Division 10). However, other sources say it was opened in 1793. Free maps are available in the conservation office just to the right after you enter. There is also a large map near the office. Clean restrooms can be found to the side of the office as well. You may need to ask for a key. Among the interesting monuments and luminaries residing within Auteuil’s walls are:

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