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1222 East Blvd. 704/644-5363, HOURS: Tues .-Sat. 10 A.M.-6 P.M. Sun. noon-5 P.M.

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Sticki rice is an apt name for a boutique filled with accessories from Asia. The shop is located in a little bungalow in Dilworth and boasts some of the best gift and home decor finds on East Boulevard. Stop in to find colorful handbags imported from the Far East and iPod cases made from Indian saris, and exotic necklaces and bracelets. There are no replicas here; each item is either handcrafted or antique. Regular jewelry sales with all pieces priced under $10 are the shop’s bestkept secret.

The chief Judge is very zealous in these proceedings, and Indonesia Subway Mapsays, he is very clear as to all that hath as yet been acted by this Court Indonesia Subway Map, and, as far as ever I could perceive, is very impatient in hearing any thing that looks another way. I very highly honour and reverence the wisdome and integrity of the said Judge, and hope that this matter shall not diminish my veneration for his honour; however, I cannot but say, my great fear is, that wisdome and counsell are withheld from his honour as to this matter, which yet I look upon not so much as a Judgment to his honour as to this poor land. But altho’ the Chief Judge, and some of the other Judges, be very zealous in these proceedings, yet this you may take for a truth, that there are several about the Bay, men for understanding, Judgment, and Piety, inferiour to few, if any, in N.E. that do utterly condemn the said proceedings, and do freely deliver their Judgment in the case to be this, viz. that these methods will utterly ruine and undoe poor N.

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