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While all members of the Highland team help in equipment setup, Jenny and Lisa take the primary lead.

What impressed us the most with Highland is their dedicated, thorough analysis of audio, video and photographic material collected during investigations. They also use a very aggressive approach to debunking suspect evidence.

Mid Michigan Paranormal Investigators Co-founders: Matthew and Melanie Moyer

Matthew and Melanie Moyer are the dedicated husband-and-wife team that lead Mid Michigan Paranormal Investigators. They are both experienced in conducting paranormal investigations and are committed to researching and finding explanations for ghostly phenomena.

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S. Co. Ltd, Limerick. The single screw was powered by an aft-positioned 85-nhp three-cylinder triple expansion steam engine that used one boiler. Ross and Duncan at Glasgow manufactured the engine and ancillary machinery. She had one deck, a well deck, three bulkheads, a 28.6-m quarterdeck, a 3.3-m bridge deck and a 6.7-m forecastle. In 1901, she was sold to Limerick S.

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