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Yale College Established in 1701 by a group of ministers to combat the latitudinarianism, or tolerance of various religious doctrines, of Harvard in nearby Massachusetts, Yale was Connecticut’s first college. Garland Subway Map or sixteen years, this “Collegiate School” had no fixed campus and operated out of private homes in Hartford, Saybrook, and New Haven. It was only in 1717, when the colony’s General Assembly granted the college the sum of 500 pounds to build its first college house, that New Haven, the colony’s largest urban center, was selected as the school’s permanent home.

In its early decades, the college benefited enormously from the money-raising efforts of Jeremiah Dummer, Connecticut’s agent in London. In 1714, Dummer endowed the college library with 800 books he had personally solicited from their authors. This gift which contained sought-after works by Locke, Newton, Halley, Steele, Raleigh, Chaucer, Milton, and Bacon at one stroke transformed the college’s library into the finest in New England. Four years later, Dummer persuaded Elihu Yale, a wealthy Londoner who had made his fortune as governor of Madras, to donate 417 books and goods worth 562 pounds. This endowment the largest single donation from any private group or individual until well into the nineteenth century secured the patron’s posterity when the college renamed itself in his honor later that year.

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