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The text of both works, despite the admirable work of many skillful editors, translators and exegetes, still contains hard-to-understand obscurities due to a language full of neologisms, barbarisms and popular terms, with frequent violations of prosody and metric. Commodian’s cultural, linguistic and metric primitivism, which led one critic to think of a countercultural experiment Fontaine, corresponds to a rough religiosity that is nonetheless authentic and vigorous. The poet Commodian continues to be a delight for linguists, a torment for scholars of metric and a puzzle for historians Di Berardino. COMMODUS 161192. Marcus Aurelius Commodus, who ruled 180192, was the first Roman emperor born of a reigning father Marcus Aurelius. After an unsuccessful plot against him hatched by the Senate with his sister Lucilla and his cousin Hummidius Quadratus, Commodus ended by losing interest in power, which passed first into the hands of Perennes, head of the praetorians, and later was shared by Marcia, his pro-Christian concubine, Eclectus, and Aemilius Laetus, commanders of the praetorians. Commodus identified himself with Hercules, whose mythical labors as a gladiator he wished to emulate. During his reign the empire was shaken by insurrections and famines. Commodus was strangled by an athlete named Narcissus. Perhaps through Marcia’s influence, Christians who had been forced to work in the mines of Sardinia were freed, and synods could be held on the controversy over the feast of Easter. The Scillitan martyrs were beheaded during his reign.

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A textured concrete path leads to the tasting room entryway. Sapporo Metro Map Beyond the French doors, open beams of knotty pine and double-hung oak-framed windows Sapporo Metro Map confirm the country theme. At two L-shaped tasting bars clad with corrugated tin and topped with polished concrete counters staff members pour Foxen Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Rhone-style wines. Out back, visitors can relax at cafe-style tables. Views of the canyon include the grass-covered hills of Rancho Tinaquaic, settled by Benjamin Foxen. An English sea captain, he branded his livestock with a nautical design that inspired the winery’s distinctive anchor-shaped logo.

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