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When on expedition, it is essential to tie knots that will hold. “The right knot at the right time” would make a good motto for an expedition.

To stop o three-strand rope or cable from unraveling

A strong and efficient knot for tying a line * to a post or tree.

Siberian children are used to the cold, but schools close when the temperature drops to -60° F, both to safeguard the children’s health and to save on heating bills.

Except for the few Siberians who live in cities, the inhabitants of the region for the most part work the land or, more rarely, live by fishing and trapping.

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Grangemouth Dockyard Co. Ltd at Grangemouth built and completed her as Yard No. 461 in May 1945; she was launched as the Empire Wapping on 15 March 1945 for the Ministry of War Transport (MoWT). Grangemouth, and Stone and Rolfe Ltd was the manager. The single screw was powered by an aft-positioned, three-cylinder triple expansion steam engine that used two singleended boilers. The cylinders measured 43.18 cm, 68.58 cm and 121.92 cm with a 91.44-cm stroke (17 in. , 27 in. and 48 in. with a 36-in. stroke). North East Marine Engineering Co. Ltd, Newcastle upon Tyne manufactured the engine and ancillary machinery. She had a cruiser stern, one deck and an aft superstructure consisting of a 49.5-m quarterdeck and 7.9-m forecastle. The designated code recognition signal letters were: GLKD.

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