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17451746 The assemblies that meet during these years quarrel openly with Peru Map Tourist Attractions Governor Morris, and Morris threatens to veto all legislation unless the assembly passes a support act and Peru Map Tourist Attractions a militia act. The house finally does both, but when New England plans an attack on Louisbourg, the French fortress at the mouth of the St. Lawrence, New Jersey’s legislature drags its feet, further infuriating the governor. 1747 Governor Jonathan Belcher arrives, promising an end to the conflicts that have racked New Jersey.

As a result of land policy, he faces a new round of riots. Belcher works to gain Crown approval of measures that would provide amnesty for rioters. The house refuses to grant money to quell the disturbances. 1751 Governor Belcher dissolves the legislature when it refuses to pay his salary, and a slightly more conservative legislature takes its place. Finally, when New Jersey’s debt is high and the treasury empty, the legislature begins to tax in earnest. The effect of Belcher’s power is fading, the council is the main upholder of royal authority, and the lower house controls the power of the purse. A similar situation exists in other colonies.

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