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Latin and Greek inscriptions cut from the sarcophagi of a mixed cemetery allow us to reconstruct the composite sociocultural milieu in which the first Christian community provided itself with stable diocesan institutions and church buildings. The large rectangular basilica recently discovered under the parish church seems to be that dedicated by Chromatius in honorem sanctorum, with relics of the apostles John the evangelist, Andrew, Thomas, as well as those of Luke and John the Baptist, between 389 and 400, when in his words ornata est igitur Ecclesia Concordiensis et munere sanctorum et basilicae constructione et summi sacerdotis officio. A confirmation of their presence within the complex is given by epigraphical evidence relative to privileged burials ad sanctos, like that on the sarcophagus of Faustiniana famula Christi which recommends her tomb to the saints’ memory sanctorum memoriae, and that on the sarcophagus of the presbyter Maurentius who rests ante limina domnorum apostolorum.

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At the funeral of an infant or young woman, say Nashville-Davidson Map Tourist Attractions : Now we become reconciled as you start away. You were a tender bud and gladdened our Nashville-Davidson Map Tourist Attractions hearts for only a few days. Now the bloom has withered away (etc.). Let none of the things that transpired on earth hinder you. Let nothing that happened while you lived hinder you. [The remainder is the same as the address at the funeral of a Lord.] 115. When an infant dies within three days, mourning shall continue only five days. Then shall you gather the little boys and girls at the house of mourning and at the funeral feast a speaker shall address the children and bid them be happy once more, though by a death, gloom has been cast over them. Then shall the black clouds roll away and the sky shall show blue once more. Then shall the children be again in sunshine.

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