Sights and Attractions in ODENSE

Town Hall, Flakhaven: the west wing of the Town Hall (towards Flakhaven) was inaugurated in 1883, the other three wings on April 2 1955. A worthy example of modern Danish architecture and workmanship.
Cruising on the Odense River, Munke Mose, Filosofgangen.

Beautifully situated zoological gardens with over 200 species of mammals and birds.

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 Above that, on the top deck, was the bridge, and aft (behind) the bridge was Sparks’ cabin. The Wop told me I had to go up and see the captain with my passport, seaman’s card and discharge blog at 4 o’clock to sign on. I went back to my cabin and sat there by myself, wondering whether to sign on and be at the mercy of the lunatics who lived in this bizarre world, or run. I signed, joining the back of the queue at 4 o’clock. The captain didn’t favour me by looking up from his desk: Name? At eight o’clock that night I was back on duty, doing the same thing as before only in the dark, falling over pipes and protuberances and skidding on patches of oil. Several crew-members went clattering down the gangway, whooping, swearing, heading for the hedons of Hamburg as I skulked under the flying bridge with Stamp, taking ullages in the yellow glow of his safety torch. Later, we went to the foc’sle head (the raised deck at the fore end of the ship) and slackened off the mooring ropes, which had become tight due to the ship rising in the water as the oil was pumped out. We then went down the aft-end to the poop deck and did the same. We lowered the gangway every hour as the ship rose. Towards the end of the watch, the third mate climbed down a swinging swaying rope ladder – a monkey ladder’ – that we tied to the rails near the stern of the ship, so he could read the draft marks and see how high out of the water the Valvata was.

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