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Information, (617) 552-3000 Eagles football has gotten more expensive, thanks to The House that Doug Built with a top price of $25; and that’s if you can even get hold of a pair. But BC hockey is a much more affordable matter. Tix are just $10 for seats and $8 for benches.

Harvard University

Information, (617) 495-2211 There’s more than just studying going on here! Football is the big sport here, and tickets are $10 for seats along the sidelines; $5 if you don’t mind the end zone. Prices are a bit higher for games against Dartmouth ($12) and Princeton ($15). And be sure to get your orders in early for the annual Yale game, for which all tix are $25.

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If you drop the shot on this side it will probably be dragged away in the tide, so make sure it goes into the kelp and gullies on the eastern side. Tidal streams are fierce and run at something like 5 knots on a spring tide, but if you can get down to the bottom, there is plenty of shelter behind the high reef walls. The Nunn Buoy, which marks the safe channel for shipping to the west, is 463 metres further inshore, to the west of Swedman, at position 55 37’655 N 001 41′.622 W. A considerable number of ships have come to an untimely end on the Swedman Rocks, which is only to be expected, as they are difficult to see at any time and are usually just submerged beneath the surface. Fourteen recorded vessels have been totally wrecked and another two grounded but later refloated. The three following vessels were wrecked with loss of life: On 7 January 1830 the sloop Waren Packet was lost with all hands. On 28 November 1842 the Sunderland ketch Garent was destroyed with the loss of all her crew. The Dundee schooner Jessie was lost on 11 March 1847 and all her crew perished. The last known ship alleged to have been wrecked on the Swedman Rocks was the steam trawler Helios on 26 June 1940, but no records can be found of that vessel.

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