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Turning west and then south, the Superior Hiking Trail crosses Split Rock Creek and ascends a series of ridges with views of the lake. After 1.2 miles, the trail reaches the intersection where the route turns left and descends to cross U.S. Highway 61 again. However, consider following the Superior Hiking Trail for just another tenth of a mile to a panoramic overlook of the lower valley and mouth of the Split Rock River, and of the lake.

Once back on the lake-side of U.S. Highway 61, the trail heads northeast to return to the trailhead. Along the way it passes Corundum Point, the site of a failed mining venture. There is a description of the Corundum Mine Trail in the circuit hike starting on page 125.

Sanford drove up and down the roads in the hills and Best US tourist destinations valleys near Lompoc with an agricultural thermometer attached to his windshield and discovered temperature variations ideal for Pinot Best US tourist destinations Noir in the Santa Rita Hills, where grape growing was virtually unheard of at the time. In 1970 he cofounded the region’s first Pinot Noir vine yard, Sanford & Benedict. In 1981 Sanford and his wife, Thekla, started Sanford Winery and a year later purchased the 700-acre Rancho El JabaH (Ranch of the Wild Boar), part of the original mid-1800s Rancho Santa Rosa Mexican land grant. They planted the county’s first certified organic vineyards and made balanced, elegant wines that garnered widespread international acclaim and helped establish Santa Rita Hills as an official appellation. In 2005 the Sanfords separated from their namesake winery and began a new venture dedicated to organic farming and sustainable business practices, retaining Rancho El JabaH, the tasting room, and a hundred-plus acres of certified organic vineyards. In Spanish, alma means soul, and the name Alma Rosa embodies the Sanfords’ philosophy that their wines reflect the soul of the historic rancho.

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