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There is no reason to leave Fido at home when visiting City. A growing number of City hotels have recognized that some travelers like to bring their pets along and have started welcoming four-legged guests. Most of the larger hotel chains have policies that allow pets of certain sizes (call ahead for restrictions). The Omni City Hotel, Hilton City-University Place, and Days Inn City Center City all allow pets. Some hotels go a step further, rolling out the red carpet with treats and special amenities for Fido and Fifi. At the Westin City a Heavenly dog bed is waiting in the room for guests traveling with pets, and aloft City Uptown has an Arf Pet Package, a gift, basket filled with a dog bed, water bowl, treats, and toys to help make your pooch feel at home. It’s a good idea to call ahead to find out if a hotel allows pets. Some have size restrictions and others charge extra fees. In most cases, dogs won’t be permitted to be alone in the room. To reward Fido for his perfect hotel manners, take him to Frazier Park, where he can run in the fenced dog park, or reward him with a bottomless bowl of water at Dog Bar.

In which Court the Governor or Moderator shall have power to Bolivia Map order the Court, to give liberty of speech, and silence unseasonable and disorderly speakings, to Bolivia Map put all things to vote, and in case the vote be equal to have the casting voice. But none of these Courts shall be adjourned or dissolved without the consent of the major part of the Court. 11. It is Ordered, sentenced, and decreed, that when any General Court upon the occasions of the Commonwealth have agreed upon any sum, or sums of money to be levied upon the several Towns within this Jurisdiction, that a committee be chosen to set out and appoint what shall be the proportion of every Town to pay of the said levy, provided the committee be made up of an equal number out of each Town. 14th January 1639 the 11 Orders above said are voted. Source: The Federal and State Constitutions, Colonial Charters, and Other Organic Laws of the States, Territories, and Colonies Now or Heretofore Forming the United States of Country, compiled and edited under the Act of Congress of June 30, 1906, by Francis Newton Thorpe Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 1909.

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