Wollaston Theatre US Map & Phone & Address

Wollaston Theatre US Map & Phone & Address

14 Beale St. Quincy; (617) 773-4600 It’s in the National Register of Historic Places, and it’s a fair guess that little work has been done on the Wollaston Theatre since it opened in 1926. The ceiling looks sturdy enough, though; and the immense screen knows it’s a movie screen. Besides, how fussy can you be when you pay just $1 to see a movie? That’s the price on any Monday or Tuesday night; other nights, it’s a mere $3.

The theatre itself is cavernous, offering far more seating space than is needed on the average night, yet ready to handle the occasional crowd. Attractions lean toward family fare and romantic comedies, with the occasional Pulp Fiction tossed in. A fella with a flashlight even came by to ask Mine to put his feet down when was the last time you saw that in a movie theater? (Of course, if the floor weren’t so sticky from seventy years’ worth of soda )

Unlike many discount cinemas, even the snacks are inexpensive: 600 for candy, 800 for a large soda, and $1 for a large popcorn. These sizes are somewhat smaller than the traditional livestock sizes of today, but a bargain nonetheless. If you go in the summer, dress down; there’s no air conditioning, and you’ll know it

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