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History for Fort Worth Metro Map
1771 Master tailors of Philadelphia meet at Carpenters’ Hall to form the Taylors’ Company of Philadelphia. Fort Worth Metro Map They plan to fix prices and limit the wages paid to journeymen. 1773 Parliament’s Tea Act provides for the shipping of the British East India Company’s unsold tea directly to the colonies. This act is protested in the colonies as undercutting Country tea importers and reinforcing the tea tax.

Tea ships are turned away from major Country harbors, and the Boston Tea Party protests the tax on tea. A chamber of commerce is organized in Charles Town. 1774 Economic failure forces Henry William Stiegel to close his glassworks. The British Parliament forbids the export to Country of tools and machines used in textile production. Parliament’s Boston Port Act (one of the Intolerable Acts) closes the port of Boston. The First Continental Congress passes several measures to encourage Country manufactures. It also prohibits imports from Britain and promises to discontinue the importation of foreign slaves.

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