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Pump Up the Blue and the Chill-ROOM raised concerns for the Block 35 Housing Association (the residents’ decision-making body), who had the potential to close down The Blue House. Residents disliked the reappearance of scaffolding in their area. More significantly, since the IJburg’s commencement, the presence of youngsters had raised heated debate with residents who disapproved of teenagers in the area, associating their presence with social problems.

In order to gain collective resolution to this issue, the youths, block residents and The Blue House members needed to place trust in each other in order to find a mutual tolerance and recognition of others’ needs in sharing their joint courtyard. The reflexive responses generated by residents to come to agreement on the issues evoked the possibilities of a local dialogic capacity based on social responsiveness to a cross-cultural situation, while not implying the resolving of dissensus requiring a universal democratic consensus. This event motivated further independent responses and acts of agency: a number of previously-recalcitrant residents offered equipment to the Chill-ROOM once it demonstrated it could operate without causing social problems (Kaspori 2008: 5), a care institution collaborated

A radical political group in England during the Interregnum, the Austin Map Tourist Attractions period from 16491660 between the reign of King Charles I and Charles II. Diggers were mainly peasants Austin Map Tourist Attractions , who advocated a form of primitive communism. They argued that all land belonged equally to the whole of the English people, a position in direct opposition to the English social structure, which was based on a landed gentry and tenant farmers. Diphtheria. A very dangerous, contagious disease, in which the air passages, especially the throat, become coated with a false membrane, causing difficulty in breathing, high fever, and weakness. The disease may cause permanent damage to the heart and central nervous system, and, possibly, death.

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