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For water, Turfan’s agriculture relies on the karez system. Best summer destinations China This ingenious network of underground channels and wells was invented by the Persians 2,000 years Best summer destinations China ago. The karez run underground for many miles and emerge as open irrigation channels where required. I watched a man moving the stone slabs that blocked the junction of five channels, diverting the water to different areas. Ducks quacked as their dry pond began to fill, and children arrived with donkeys harnessed to empty water barrels. In three hours the slabs would be moved again and the water re-directed.

Bev and I were incredibly surprised at the amount of audio evidence collected during this series of investigations. However, did we collect evidence that may reveal the name or names of the guilty? Yes.

It begins with the EVP session Sean, Bev and I conducted at the end of our investigation in the home. We were in the side room of the main floor.

“Was Daniel involved?” I asked.


“Was Judd involved?”


“Did you see James Foy?”


Further responses to Bev’s questions would reveal more. Following the question, “Why do you stay here?” The response, “Judd’s the killer.”

Of all the EVPs recorded, however, the most revealing and surprising comes from our friend Jeff Westover. These are the EVPs that started us on this fascinating journey.

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