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Corinth, known at that time as the largest and richest city of Hellas, had a multinational population of varied social extraction de Waele; Wiseman 502- 531; Broneer; Dinkler. In AD 267268 it was destroyed by the Heruli and in the 4th c. suffered repeatedly from earthquakes; destroyed again by Alaric’s Goths in 396, it rose again rapidly after each catastrophe. It was struck by another earthquake in 522 and by plague in 542 Scranton 1-5; an earthquake razed it to the ground in 550551, after which most of its inhabitants abandoned it. Then began a period of decline, which lasted until the early 9th c. Pallas, Donn©es, 298-305. After its destruction by Alaric it was given a new city wall, which considerably restricted its expansion Gregory. The church of Corinth, in a very complex ethnic and social context, was marked by religious enthusiasm From its foundation the church of Corinth was the religious center of the whole eparchy of Achaia 2 Cor 1:2, and hence its metropolis, subject to Rome through the metropolitan of Thessalonica, vicar of the pope see Achaia: for the bishops of Corinth see Janin 878-879 adding Eustathius, before 536 Stikas 133; on Photius 536553: Pallas-Ntantis 68-69 n. 7. The Christians of Corinth, living in an atmosphere of syncretism, used the same cemeteries as the Gentiles, which were gradually Christianized Pallas, Investigations, 9-14; Id. Monuments, 153-154.

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1649 King Charles I is tried and executed by Parliament. Nagoya Subway Map Executive authority is assumed by Oliver Cromwell, who adopts the title of Lord Protector of the Commonwealth Nagoya Subway Map . 16491650 Oliver Cromwell and his army conquer Ireland. After capturing the town of Drogheda, they massacre Irish Catholics. 1650 Cromwell defeats Scottish Covenanters at the battle of Dunbar, Scotland. 1651 Cromwell wins the battle of Worcester, in the English Midlands, ending an attempt to bring Charles II to the throne. 16521654 The First Dutch War is fought between Britain and the Netherlands over trade and control of the sea lanes of Europe. 1655 English forces capture the island of Jamaica in the Caribbean.

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