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Surreal, and mesmerizing are the two words that best describe hampi once that was the largest, and richest cities in the world the ruins of hampi as it’s known today is a huge open Museum of architecture history, and religion on display recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site hampi is a village, and template town in northern karnataka due to the excellent location with tungabhadra river on one side, and hills on the other three sides hampi in the 14th century was the safest place to be declared as the capital of the glorious Vijay Nagar Empire however a six-month Muslim attack in the second half of the 16th century destroyed this beautiful Hindu capital spread over an area more than 25 square kilometers hampi ruins is packed with huge boulder laden hills ancient temples, and monuments fortifications, and stone carved structures dotted with paddy fields, and banana plantations hampi ruins believed you spellbound the moment you lay your eyes on it, and will transport to the old days making you visualize how things would have been in those days Humpy’s archaeological religious, and historical significance makes it perfect to respond in hampi at every turn there is a surprise, and every monument hides more than what it reveals in this hampi tourism part one post we will give you an overview of hampi. So geared up as we take you along with us to this incredible journey, and today we are here to explore the exceptional architectural marvel of this beautiful city called hampi that used to be the capital of the mid nice isn’t he Jane Agra Empire in the 14th century regarded as the most beautiful in ruins of India hampi is listed in world heritage this beautiful city is not just a historical place.

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But a religious destination as well, and during the four days trip to hampi we will cover the major tourist attractions at humpy, and things to do keep reading hampi is located in northern karnataka, and it’s about 350 kilometres from bangalore the state capital hampi can be reached by road rail or air however road is the most preferred option hosts paid a small town located about 12 kilometres from hampi is the nearest railway station, and has a bus stop – it’s an overnight journey from Bangalore Goa, and Hyderabad, and can be reached by car bus or train from host paid hire an auto rickshaw or Cache the local bus, and in about 30 minutes you would be at the center of hampi since exploding hampi requires the considerable time tourists usually stay for a number of days or stay there are these four options offering different kinds of accommodations you can pick whichever suits your preferences, and budget at host bait you get good hotels like Hotel Krishna Royal Orchid, and more one negative point of choosing host paid as your base is its distance from hampi every time you will have to travel about 13 kilometers to reach hampi for sightseeing also hospital adds the charm that hampi has.

But nevertheless a good option when you don’t find a better accommodation at anywhere else at Gamla / you get decent, and comfortable accommodation, and it’s just three kilometers from hampi a state-run hotel called mayara Bhuvaneshwari offers decent stay at a reasonable price a jungle lodges, and resorts property named hampi heritage, and vileness resort offers a lovely comfortable stay at hampi bus stand, and village you get budget accommodation located on the narrow streets around the Viru paths temple every other house here is a guest house the households use it as their homes, and rent out a couple of extra rooms to the tourists advair poeple good day on the other side of the river thungabhadra is what is called hippie island here you can rent huts small cottages, and rooms all of these mostly located either facing paddy fields with mountains in the backdrop or next to the river bank you can stay here on those days, and you don’t wish to visit the hampi ruins, and just want to laze around hampi is generally dry, and hot the colder, and most pleasant season of the year is from the Rembert of February.

Which is also the most popular tourist season irrespective of climate hampi is open for visitors all around the year you can hire mopeds, and bicycles to cover a wider area in hampi the local three-wheeled taxi called the auto rickshaw or car is also available for hire at the site you can find a number of guides, and local people selling hampi maps almost everywhere it’s recommended to get one for yourself there are two parts of hampi that needs to be explode hampi center or the camel upper, and the second is Inigo Indy or the hippy island which is on the other side of the river thungabhadra at Gamla pole or the hampi center a number of hampi is mater site stands here the ruins of hampi are split into two sections sacred center, and royal center most of the temples, and other religiously significant sites are located in sacred center they’re all Center is where the witty Nagar King, and his private households stayed, and conducted business government, and ceremonies for the sake of convenience we have categorized hampi attractions in total six groups based on its proximity, and each requires about two hours to explore Group one two three, and four covers the sacred Center, and group five, and six covers the Royal Center Group one comprises of the male one theory raghunatha temple Madhavi Linga Agra narsimha with Donna veerbhadra temple.

And Krishna temple good two covers sajevic a Lugano petty car Delhi Kalugin petty Haymarket Hill Viru parks temple hampi bazaar, and monolithic Nandi group three includes a chutiya temple Curtis, and Street redundant Ram temple chakra teeth or the Riverside ruins that includes a coracle right, and Sugriva escape route for comprises of the pure under arm on top ruined bridge Kings balance with the temple, and Whittle bazaar group five covers lotus mahal Watchtower elephant stable guards quarters, and underground cave, and the last group covers queen’s bath muhanad Madiba Pushkar nice secret chamber Kings audience hall, and Hazara run temple we will cover each group separately in our upcoming hampi tourism posts. So stay tuned hope you liked reading this post, and found it useful give this post a big thumbs up, and comment India Gumo to get notified of a future post uploads thanks for reading you.

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