5 Best Places in the U.K. to Spend Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and with so many attractive places to visit, choosing the best one for your next trip can be overwhelming and exhausting. To save you time and stress, here’s a quick list of the best places to visit in the U.K this year.

1. Manchester, England

Manchester houses one of the best Christmas markets you can ever go to. With over 300 stalls that sell intricately crafted holiday gifts, international cuisines as well as festive drinks, it’s no wonder why millions of people visit this place every year. The markets are located in 10 different sites with each site having its own unique character you’ll surely have a fun time with.

This year, you can get to experience more that just commodities. The markets will also feature fun rides and shows, such as LED performers and even magicians.

2. Edinburgh, Scotland

If you are looking for a place to spend a white Christmas, you should definitely visit Scotland. It celebrates the holidays with concerts, festivals and performances that attract tons of people all around the globe.

You can take your kids to visit Santa Land to let them meet the jolly man or you can bring them to the Children’s Christmas Market for some fun activities. The place offers shopping venues, face painting as well as holiday arts and crafts.

3. Llandudno, Wales

Llandudno is a place located in the northern part of Wales. It’s one of the inspirations for the popular fairy tale entitled Alice in Wonderland. Because of this, you can expect to get a magical experience when you celebrate your Christmas there.

You can take your kids to the Alice Trail, a form of a tour, which will show you around the place. There’s also the St. George’s Hotel which is an award-winning restaurant you won’t regret visiting on such a special day.

4. Newcastle, Northern Ireland

One of the best Christmas attraction in Northern Ireland is in Slieve Donard, Newcastle. It has the Polar Express that holds several holiday attractions, including a time with Mrs. Claus and an adventure with the Polar Express Train. It will take you all the way to the Winter Wonderland and Santa’s Workshop.

Aside from the entertainment, there’s also a lot of places for festive meals, from a buffet to a fine dining experience. If you are traveling with your family, it’s a good idea to check the best holiday package first since there’s a lot of tourist coming to the place for the holidays.

5. Wells, Somerset
Wells, Somerset is a small city in England. It’s already a nice town all days of the year but it’s especially nice in the winter. Its Christmas market lasts for four days which will give you enough time to shop around for gifts as well as fine wine. It also has a candlelit carol service at its medieval calendar. There are tons of activities you can do in this small town but if you aren’t sure yet where to go, you can check out a reliable travel blog for inspiration.

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