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When exploring a country with one of the densest populations of wildlife in over ethnic groups what’s on your wish list of discovery yes oh yeah for some it is a wish list of lions elephants Buffalo’s leopards, and rhinoceros big five yes big fine we’re done you can take five we’re happy nowhere on earth are there a sheer number of animals that they have here in this area great tails look at the way the tails are.

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So that they can maneuver like a brother watch his little head is a young one trip leader Peter Najah grew up under Mount Kilimanjaro walking two miles to school each day he’s been tracking animals ever since we’ll leave the crater floor yes the ninja can offer us anything. So long as we’re there chelating a right time right right second. So far we have been loosely there Peter loves Tanzania, and he loves sharing his country with his guests, and it’s very evident he’s very professional, and he knows his he knows his subjects, and he wants everyone else to come to love, and appreciate Tanzania well he loves his work he loves what he’s doing he’s excited about it, and it just sort of spreads to the whole group they migrated yes to migrate.

I think from you, and he has the most extraordinary tracking ability he can spot the spot he bought things from miles away, and he knew, and the habits, and animal behavior that helped us locate animals, and see animals we would see a lion in the in the tall grass but Peter would say this animal is going to move in a few minutes, and we would wait for minutes, and the animal would in fact get up, and move and So we could see the allow books there we go and I think you really have to see it you have to be here they’re. So powerful yet beautiful armament you see whatever can see down here. So that you can have the last memories of the bottom.

I can’t even look at them Wow lions just strewn everywhere they’re eight here nine almost every individual species of wildlife in East Africa lives in the in Goro Goro crater but if local culture is on your wish list, and you must travel beyond these crater walls to discover so. This is a karate market we’ll walk into the market, and the things you find in the market that the things you should find in people’s mouths visiting a market here reveals a lot about gender roles in this rural area women provide eighty percent of the labor force, it’s wonderful every market is, it’s exciting to be in a market jumbo. I’m making chapati made from flour in water chapati is served at breakfast with soup or tea, and at lunch or dinner with stewed, and vegetables he’s getting in force – oh hi my first haircut in Africa.

I don’t think so I think. I had one in Tunisia but you know.

I’ve certainly my first hair been south of the Equator. I like it nice, and short, and he’s cutting it joy riding looks a little icky you going but. I’ve gotta get ready to go to church here a little bit later good. How much is that gonna cost pizza come on $.

For the heck cut. How is the heck can we a mix of Christian Muslim, and indigenous Feliz Tanzanians pride themselves on living together with a broad range of religious diversity the chance to be with people, and to be active. I mean you get to interact with everyone you get to go to the market you get to go in their homes you get to share a meal with the family john-boy everybody my name is Paulo sulla Paolo Salinas you are welcome in our Yakko Yakko village boy years written into these traditional garments called Kangas there is often a message hidden at the edges an example we women want equality peace, and progress we are going to use this our local instrument which we call it, and in our Iroquois language we call it see here when I invite you to dance oh sure come for those mama who watch again.

I’m not another one another and I liked today’s visit with a family. I thought that was absolutely fascinating the day, and the life experience is. So fantastic.

Because you’re. So close to the people and I found the people here in Tanzania to be sold friendly, and welcoming it was a wonderful experience, and it was the first time. We’ve had that experience we often don’t really see the struggles that people have for things just as simple as fresh clean water the amount of people walking that we saw intensely is just extraordinary, it’s been absolutely wonderful this has been better than.

I could have expected everything that. I expected, and more ditto again with species, and million wild animals in Tanzania there is no predicting exactly what may reveal itself on a journey here. This is our rd OAD trip you’ve been to all seven continents different countries at seven times the Safari Serengeti trip of all the places countries trips tours.

We’ve made. This is by far still our favourite we love animals, and there’s something magical about wild animals in their natural environment that keeps bringing us back when it comes. So close to the vehicle you can almost touch them when you see the big five like we have every time that we have come here, and that’s what keeps bringing us back we love coming here you do.

I was born in a typical thick masai village means mass island in Tanzania we decided to leave the village, and come into the city. So we move with all our cows plus our neighbors, and we decided to make a new settlement near the city of Arusha when I was in the village as a boy of six years had responsibilities of tending goats cows, and sheep there’s a Masai boy responsibility when you’re in the village my people like the Masai their livestock keepers at the same times nowadays they also do funning activities, and apart from all these activities they are still depending on their traditional lifestyle they like to dance, and singing all the time in the expression they are full regalia the Massa dance there’s a jumping competition that might take for the whole night Oh Vermont is like Malta Kilimanjaro we have savannas we have savanna woodlands very rich in a world life.

So different areas of the country you have different landscapes. I look forward to welcome me to Tanzania the land of Kilimanjaro.

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