How to Travel in Colorado

Well, that was emotional. What a day, what a month in fact what a year it has been. I’m laid on my hotel bed writing this. Yes, I’m not on wheels, I can stretch my legs out and my toes are not in a draw, I can go to the toilet without waking the rest of the team as the whole RV shakes when you move, I can stand up straight but mainly I can just lay down.

I have just run across a continent. Just over 3000 miles has been covered, 2 stone in weight has come off me, but so many memories made. We sat and had our last meal together on the RV last night and reminisced about the different things we had remembered. We started talking about new challenges and what we could accomplish. I do believe this team could do great things, from the guys with us at the start to those that ended they have been amazing. Without each one of them I would never have made it.

This morning as i cycled I wondered how anyone in LA commutes on a bike? I absolutely crapped myself for about two hours. Cars whizzed passed me, cracks appeared from nowhere in the road, crazy people also on bikes who looked like Uncle Albert from Only Fools and Horses come up next to you at traffic lights. I wanted to get myself into a position where I was 20 miles out, then I would run, Darren would pedal next to me and carry water, the rest of the team dropped the RV off and headed to the finish line.

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The running was good, my calf has been a problem over the last couple of days but that wasn’t stopping me this morning. The other reason I was. It stopping was fearing for my life as we ran through some of the not so touristy areas of LA. The smells, sites and sounds of downtown LA were every bit of randomness that this adventure has been all about. As we stopped for a drink Darren said, it’s not hours and miles and miles anymore Sam You are minutes and single digits away. I couldn’t say anything. I just smiled. Single sodding digits. Brilliant.

We pushed again and aimed for Colorado Avenue, Darren pedalled ahead to Santa Monica Pier for the finish line and the end of the mother road. I ran, stronger and faster as the adrenaline pumped. I think if anyone had spoken to me at this point I would have just cried, I was an emotional wreck. I could see the Santa Monica Pier archway sign. I crested the tiny bridge, jumped the fence to avoid the people and ran down the bridge and onto the pier. I could hear the team shouting and clapping. As they did the rest of the pier around them joined in. I had made it. I had run and cycled coast to coast. We had navigated the mother road and we had finished.

I’m sure tomorrow I will feel a little lost but for now all I can do is lay here and smile about what the team and I have achieved. I couldn’t have done it without them Thank you to you all. Kerry Germany Darren Foster, Helen Foster, Mustafa Hussain, Matthew Wright and Anthony Hannan.

Thank you to every single person that has liked my pages, for the donations that stand now at nearly £5000, for every comment, message and email. I may never get chance to say it in person but these are what has kept me going.

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