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My name is pearl Granderson. I am from Wagga in Iceland and I am a triplet there with untamed Iceland for overseas adventure travel most people however will call me Peggy well as far as my background, and growing up in this country obviously. This is a small country with few people so.

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I did grow up in a very small community in suburban Reykjavik there have been great changes in Icelandic society since. I was a child election of our previous president which was the first female head of state to be elected in the world what excites me about sharing my culture, and my country with other people is my true believe of about the uniqueness of Iceland we do have. I’m gonna say the best fish that you can get chefs in Iceland that cannot cook fish to perfection are usually shot that’s just. How it is the black beaches of Iceland the contrast between the black beaches, and the white glaciers within the same ten minutes these are the things that.

I find great joy, and sharing with people that come here one of the things that you will see many people do in Iceland which should be sort of almost like unique to us is we will not deny the existence of hidden people or else not everyone will believe in them but most people will honor the homes of the hidden people the climate in in Iceland is mild we do not get very cold winters but then in instead we don’t get very warm summers well where we are at the moment is in the Blue Lagoon which is the product of a power station the water that we use to heat up our houses, and such now after they’ve used the water in the power stations it flows onto the lava field to create this absolutely gorgeous Lagoon where people now can come visit, and bathe in the realm of water this water is good not only for the body but as well for the soul. Because it makes you feel absolutely wonderful my friends welcome to my little island Iceland.

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