Mozart’s birthplace holds an impressive collection of the child genius’ belongings, including his first viola and violin and a pair of keyboardish instruments. Several rooms recreate his young years as a traveling virtuoso. Come before 11am to avoid the crowd. (Getreudeg. 9. Open July-Aug. daily 9am-6:30pm; Sept.-June 9am-5:30pm. 5.50, students and seniors 4.50.)


The circumstances probably did not allow for a closer inspection of the trawler. The Caledonia was then scuttled using explosive charges/grenades. The 25-ton drifter HMS Gowan, which was also on her way from Aberdeen to Lowestoft for fitting out, was intercepted 15 miles SE of Longstone. The crew was ordered into the lifeboat and the drifter was sunk with one 88-mm shell hit. The skipper of the Kestrel joined the bulk of the crews of the Caledonia and Gowan in the lifeboats, where one of Gowan’s crew, George Holdsworth Moat, a deckhand in the RNR, later died of exposure. Rudolf Seuffer took as prisoners of war the skipper of Caledonia (described as a warrant officer in the RNR) and a leading machinist. Initial interrogation by the U-boat’s crew suggested that the purpose of the Caledonia was tending to the harbour defence minefields. Other sources claim that the Gowan was being towed by the Caledonia. The Igor (Official No.81677) was an iron-hulled 1,534-ton Swedish steam cargo ship measuring 79. 07 m in length, with a 10.99-m beam and a 5.3-m draught. John Readhead and Co. at South Shields built and completed her as Yard No.200 in October 1883; she was launched as the Trevider on 29 October 1883 for E. Hain and Son, St. Ives. The single steel screw was powered by a 161-nhp, two-cylinder compound steam engine that used two single-ended boilers with four furnaces, 6.03 m (65 sq. ft) of grate surface and 251.39 m (2706 sq. ft) of heating surface. The cylinders measured 76.2 cm and 147.32 cm with a 91.44-in. stroke (30 in. and 58 in. with a 36-in. stroke). John Readhead and Company manufactured the engine and ancillary machinery at South Shields. She had one deck, a well deck, a 31.1-m quarterdeck, a 19.3-m bridge deck and an 8.5-m-forecastle. In 1885, Trevider SS. Co. Ltd, St. Ives was the registered owner and E.

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