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Q Quadrivium. In medieval education, the higher division of San Antonio Metro Map the seven liberal arts, consisting of geometry, astronomy, arithmetic, and music. Trivium. San Antonio Metro Map Quartermaster. 1 In military usage, an officer responsible for the purchase and distribution of supplies for an army, especially food, clothing, and equipment. 2 In naval usage, the quartermaster is responsible for navigation, steering, communications, and bridge watch, and he supervises lookout.

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While the developmental model increases design capacity, it does not recognize the creative capacity of the producer. And though the romantic model privileges the creative energy of the producer, it elides the agency of the designer. In the tradition of speculative philosophy, this antithesis prompts the expectation of a synthesis. From the opposition of developmental and romantic models, it may be possible to imagine a collaboration that produces mutual recognition.

In such a scheme the ideal collaboration between global North and South is that of equal partners. This would be a context beyond exploitation, where designers take advantage of low expectations of artisans, and its redress in cases where the designer is seen merely to serve the interests of artisans. The dialogical model is one where both parties form a partnership as equals. In this way, both parties might acknowledge a reciprocity between the distinct capacities that the producer and consumer worlds can offer.

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