Lake Hebron

Key Species: brook trout, landlocked salmon, lake trout, white perch

Best Way to Fish: canoe

Best Time to Fish: May through September

MAG: 31, A-3

Description: This deepwater pond is managed for coldwater gamefish. Easy access and good fishing make Lake Hebron a popular spot for local anglers. The Appalachian Trail follows the northwest corner of the pond, and Monson Village is nestled around its eastern end. Monson was once famous for its slate industry, and examples of native slate may be seen along Maine Routes 6 and 15. This 525-acre lake receives huge annual stockings of brook trout. In 1994, 4,300 trout were stocked here; in 1995, another 4,300 brook trout were stocked, along with 250 landlocked salmon. There is a campground in Abbot, just south of Monson. Motels are available in Greenville.

Fishing index: Brook trout and landlocked salmon are the main attractions right after ice-out, in late April or early May. Look for salmon to be near the islands off the mouth of Towne Cove. Try trolling with live smelt or tandem streamer flies such as gray ghost, black ghost, nine-three, or supervisor. Using a sinking fly line and a 20-foot leader of 6-pound test, troll along the shorelines. You can also take salmon by trolling with Mooselook Wobblers and Flash Kings, using a fly rod and sinking line. In early spring, depths from 10 to 30 feet hold brook trout in the western end of the lake. You should also try Whiting Cove, in the southeast corner of the lake, and the area just in front of the boat ramp in Monson. Try trolling a Jerry’s smelt or Edson tiger light along the shoreline, using a sinking fly line and a 12-foot tapered leader with a 3-pound test tippet. Go slowly and follow an erratic pattern. It helps if you work your rod, making the fly dart ahead just like a real bait fish.

The deepest water, from 80 to 102 feet, is in the middle of the lake, straight out from the boat ramp in Monson. Look for lake trout and landlocked salmon to congregate here in July and August. Use a live smelt or shiner, trolled behind a set of lake trolls with a lead-core line. Or use a live smelt or minnow trolled deep by means of a downrigger. Begin trolling slowly on the edge of the deep water, in depths of 40 feet. If you do not find fish, keep widening your trolling pattern to include deeper water. Remember, when slow-trolling, go as slowly as possible. If your motor does not idle as slowly as you like, try pulling a sea anchor made of a plastic 5-gallon pail tied to the back of your boat. The sea anchor should slow you down enough to reach the correct speed.

In the summer, you will find white perch in the narrows around the midpoint of the lake. Fish for them by drifting with worms, night crawlers, or small minnows. Small lead-head plastic-bodied jigs work well, too.

Directions: Drive north on Maine Routes 6 and 15 to Monson. As you get into town, look for the Bray Road on the left, just after passing a narrow part of the lake. The boat ramp is on the left off the Bray Road.

For more information: Contact the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife Regional Fish and Wildlife Headquarters in Greenville.

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