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Agence EduFrance, 173 bd. St-Germain, 75006 Paris (®01 53 63 35 00; www.eduf- A one-stop resource for North Americans thinking about attaining a degree in France. Info on courses, costs, grant opportunities, and related topics.

American University of Paris, 31 av. Bosquet, 75007 Paris (=01 40 62 07 20; Offers US-accredited degrees and summer programs in English on its Paris campus. Intensive French language courses available.

Cordon Bleu Paris Culinary Arts Institute, 8 r. Leon Delhomme, 75015 Paris (®01 53 68 22 50; The creme de la creme of French cooking schools. A full-year diploma course will run you about ‚29,500, but Gourmet Sessions are also available, ranging from half-days to 4 weeks.

His view certainly applies to Haiti. People who are poor World best country for tourism , poorly educated, and poorly governed are unable to develop the potential their environment offers. Let’s World best country for tourism use an artistic painting to illustrate the relationship between environment and culture. An artist has a surface such as canvas, paper, glass, cement, wood, or cloth on which a picture of some kind will be painted. In our analogy, this surface is the land itself. In no way does the surface determine what will be painted on it or, for that matter, the quality of the final work of art.

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