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During the nine days trip to Rajasthan in December 2018 we chose beacon aid as the first stop, and booked an accommodation at Laxmi Niwas palace Laxmi Niwas palace is a former residential palace of the king of the former beacon air state maharaja Ganga Singh it is now a luxury hotel managed by Golden Triangle fort & palace Private Limited in the musty from Team India Gumo it’s Sara Tyne Kemal, and welcome to Rajasthan series on our blog in this post we’re gonna share our experience at the Laxmi Niwas Palace in beacon air there we spent two nights before we get started don’t forget to click the red comment button, and then click the bell button next to it. So you don’t miss reading her future posts, and also follow us on Instagram, and Facebook links are in the description box below thanks for subscribing, and following now let’s begin the palace is a grand structure with classical Rajput, and Mughal touches atoning the exterior the exteriors of the palace are truly amazing with intricate stone carving having the characteristic you of the red sandstone of the tile desert the feel of royalty is evident in every corner of the place right from the porch which was designed to welcome kings, and emperors walking through this entrance surely felt like Royals the porch is one of the world’s most elaborate entranceway with delicate carvings of creepers flowers wines, and trees in vertical sweep carved from around 46 tons of sandstone we sued checked into our suite on the second floor the room was surprisingly simple for a palace.

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But it had its own charm it was clean, and spacious a tote with vintage furnitures paintings, and artifacts here we have balcony nice adult area very seductive and. So as you can see all our stuff is lying around we soon unpacked freshened up, and headed towards the dining area to have a lunch the most interesting, and beautiful part of Laxmi Niwas palace is the central courtyard where one can enjoy meals under the sky by listening to the gentle gurgle of a beautiful fountain in the center post-lunch we decided to take a walk in the lush green lawns that surrounds the palace it’s a huge lawn with lilly porns fountains, and cherries in different sizes carved on sandstone the lawn has been a venue to many high-profile weddings, and a number of popular Bollywood posts have been shot here after an hour of strolling around the lawn we headed back to the courtyard the courtyard which is also the hub of all activities has restaurants billiards room.

And a bar around it the billiards room is a huge room where you will find yourself surrounded by tigers lions rhinos deer, and the fellows hung on the walls which were hunted down by the kings of the palace reading these animals are joining the walls of the palace wasn’t something be light or enjoyed it’s clearly not a room for the faint-hearted animal lovers like us we soon left the room, and returned to the courtyard to witness the cultural events that take place every evening from 7:30 p to 10:00 p.m. the highlight of our stay at Laxmi Niwas palace was clearly the magical evening put up by the Rajasthani folk artists who made the evening a lot to celebrate through with the performance we have uploaded a separate post where the artist dances over nails sworn bottles, and broken glass link to the posts in the description box below you must watch the post whose car eyes we totally enjoyed the experience of having authentic Rajasthan eat dinner while reading the cultural dance performance the next morning we woke up to the melodious sound of flute played by an artist in the courtyard the music coming through the fluid combined with a gentle gurgling noise from the fountain for soothing uplifting, and relaxing a beautiful morning present must say the Lakshmi Devi’s balance is the perfect base to explore the rich cultural heritage of beacon area in Rajasthan the evening cultural program is the main highlight of this heritage hotel that will make a stay worth it hope you enjoyed reading this post, and found the review useful give this post a big thumbs up leave us a comment down below, and share this post with your friends don’t forget to comment our blog India gumo, and stay tuned for more Rajasthan posts coming up shortly till then take care bye bye.

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