Currently of revenue a little bit wasn’t 26:16 Sunday morning in Perry with nice morning coffee, and we’re actually making use of our table this morning, and having our breakfast the last time that you saw us we were down by the river sand drinking tequila beer we were up bright, and early this Sun is out today need a bit more coffee, and then we’re gonna make our way out into Paris it is very cold out today in Paris probably in the low 50s I didn’t pack anything for really cool weather. Because I thought it was gonna be really hot here. Because the past week before we came they’re having a little heatwave. But today it feels like follow most yeah it’s brisk morning. But look at this this is a beautiful sight the mobile bridge nobody empty streets of Paris I just posted our first encounter with a beautiful French okay Jim Haggerty we are going to lose this dead croc Bradley who’s the cooler we’re going back to the museum that we had dinner at, and we’re gonna do some rooftop yoga this morning something came from all away okay all right we have to give such a ticket enjoy thank you let you jump good a goose becomes don’t.


So dearly. But their two folders can fix you up on it we just got done rooftop yoga looking at the Eiffel Tower amazing they had this band playing he had a didgeridoo it makes one of the most relaxing noises ever look at this let’s go get Jessica see how she liked the yoga set bond set ball sorry nice very relaxing kind of hard to understand cuz he only spoke French I know I was reading those other people, and I was always a move behind rooftop yoga is done feel refreshed time to go on with the day no too much let’s put it this way a little bit too far yeah okay now bring it up we’re on a mission we’re trying to find that the one Street that aligns perfectly with Eiffel Tower for cool photo we found the street look at this it looks like a painting just for some perspective that is the Eiffel Tower in this red looking building right here is where we had yoga up on the rooftop, and then we just took a picture with one or two blocks yeah. But don’t give the exact name of this tree I don’t know if you have to come to Paris, and find it. So a lot of times in Paris here they give you the espresso, and they give you a piece of chocolate, and what you do is you open up the chocolate, and you just pop it right into the espresso, and it tastes. So good or you can just for that. But we are at the cafe right by the entrance of the museum, and then there’s a view of the Eiffel Tower, and a nice garden you don’t just see a road there’s like really peaceful every place we go to eat we do a food porn shot where Jessica slowly digs her fork into this delicious meal here it goes oh right there that’s the spot oh look at that scrumptious crispy we just finished our lunch we’re walking through the garden of the museum I love how natural it is at this museum we spent a good three hours in the museum we had our food then we went the museum a little bit there’s no posting allowed inside the actual museum.

But I loved it yeah it’s the one of the best things about Paris all the history it turned out to be such a nice day yes anymore that is so crazy, and also I thought it’s gonna rain it’s interesting here every morning we wake up, and it’s cloudy, and then by the end of the day look at this beautiful not too shabby not too shabby at all skirt, and a pair of heels, I’m going, I’m glad I brought this jacket. So here’s this story here, I’ll take this off the mirror like I was saying last night we were really really underdressed for dinner, and tonight we actually looked up the place that we’re going to before we went there, and we realized that it is a very very very fancy diner what I call it diner amount in New Jersey another great shoulder oh my god there’s a man with an African Grey in a cage, and an Amazon on his shoulder oh we have to go down there before he leaves oh my gosh you see that parrot. So prepared what’s up even mo she she’s always early I don’t get scared wait we just got to the restaurant it’s way outside of Paris it is very very nice are you ready to go in yeah okay my background kind of a yes all right don’t be your brother’s little bit wasn’t hands-down one of the nicest places I have ever seen in my whole life almost something out of an old post would you say you enjoyed the something So much.

So we had this bread, and you’re sure the bread, and he said she was out of spread, and then he just comes back he’s like oh it’s a secret yes get that lobster hand oh my God my God look at how perfectly the crustacean size is I’ve never had I just fell apart did you see that yeah just just fell apart after we all go camping tradition, and his friendship, and Cochise this one it’s a moving further down should be a flying survey of Fleming, and coexist do great, and I had a toffee above him with any smaller sauce that has poured on he’s not that oh we’re still at the restaurant, and apparently there’s an EDM music concert happening right over there Jessica’s instagramming this she’s actually been taking pictures of every single meal we’ve had in France to kind of compile one big just what do you want to do in all the pictures yeah like, I’ll do a blog post with all the food that we’ve had in France yeah that’s true a lot of my food those the presentation you’ve seen in the posts. But there’s a concert going on right now like a really loud like EDM music crazy festival, and Jessica was saying this is a it’s a what a one Michelin star. So apparently this restaurant is that you know it’s a very amazing amazing restaurant, and normally it’s packed right now what it’s pretty much empty my restaurant Michelin star restaurants ever really Lisa thinks that we were able to get reservations music tourism poor.

Because we were actually able to come here they come to us if we would have been able to come here yeah you know what this was so unexpected. Because like I said earlier we know we have an itinerary of things to do while we’re in France through the Tourism Board. But we had no clue that this was on my itinerary this is above, and beyond anything that were you ever even experience it this is what do you have to say about this did your feature phone thank you sir thank you so much it was good select yes perfect we loved it I don’t know I think it hit me what Michelin star tasted like the food in Paris. So far just the layers, and not chefs are artists the chefs in Paris or shrimp artists it’s very interesting too. Because you go to somewhere like New York it’s in, and out in that in, and out as fast as they can to get as many people that we can to make as much money as they can, and a lot of times you know you have one chef who’s an artist, and who comes up with this stuff. But then with other people executing that, and I don’t have that same passion right here you know everybody from the guy who scrapes the crumbs off of your table to the person cooking your meals, and plating your meals is passionate about doing their job, and it’s amazing to have be able to have an experience like that it’s crazy how like last night we went from drinking cheap beers at the sin to tonight doing something like this no.

But, I’m just saying like Paris has so much to offer you know what I mean yeah that’s it does. But we’re gonna get some sleep. Because tomorrow we’re up early tomorrow is Jessica’s day on the itinerary it literally says at Jessica’s day well I asked for a shopping day. Because I’ve been saving up to make some very emotional purchases you’ll see tomorrow, I’ll explain it more tomorrow. Because it’s something that’s sort of been oh well I will explain smart it’s, I’m gonna be very emotional tomorrow though if you liked the post give it a thumbs up, and comment down below what the best meal that you’ve ever had is so until tomorrow this is the happiest that we remember to smile more or less, and live your passion you.

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