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Hey I’m cuz. I’m cha cha cha home from chiang mai thailAnd I’m a trip leader of OA t working for ancient kingdom.

I was born into mine on the high mountain the first six year of my life that. I live with my parent after that my mom took me, and my brothers to stay close to the town for education. Because in force of my village we have no school the monitor min enough my province we have us.

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So many kind of fool similarity of food that a very unique very famous for the local people day but. I remember one thing that sin. I was young until now.

I still love them. So much we call cops away Esther kind of noodle is not rice but it made up rice, and egg, and then you put a little bit fresh coconut new on top of that wonderful the whole car so I actually.

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I’m a person who love spontaneous. I always have a lot of stop of unplanned oh we have rat we have um no. I would love it.
I love to go grocery shopping that. I don’t think rat would be on my list. This is the way that.

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I love to present. Because as a real life of the people always happen along the way will be guiding. I love to bring the people to join the ceremony of the people along the way any kind of ceremony especially when we have special occasion as the new year all right at home festival, it’s a big festival in my country as well, and no or November, and the formal informal nature of November is sparkling in every way beautiful in that night.

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I hope you will join us you.

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