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After a full day in my new favorite Italian city we make one last important stop in Modena before heading north Quattro madona squeezes Clinton I in for a quick a TD friendly tour of a true parmigiano-reggiano factory this is the only region in the world that is allowed to produce parmigiano-reggiano small portion of Bologna small portion of Mantua that’s it if you’re doing it anywhere else in the world it is not true parmigiano-reggiano how about that, and this is how it’s made skim, and whole milk are combined in these giant 1000 liter copper tanks where the milk is cooked key ingredients are added, and curds are broken up until it forms a solid mass to be wrapped up, and sent to the next phase over here the cheese is cut into two equal parts placed in a plastic mold secured with a buckle, and weighted down with a Teflon slab the cloths are changed multiple times to absorb moisture, and eventually a special belt is wrapped around a brand.

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And file each wheel each of the parmesans as they come out this is all everything of everything the date production number certificate the brand meanwhile in the back corners of the factory the leftovers from the parmigiana are actually being used turns out where Kota just means we cooked I never knew that from here we get to see where all the magic happens in a giant room where the parmigiano-reggiano is stored, and aged this to me is better than Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory fresh product that fresh 18 months 24 months 36 months 24 months a Red Cow the standard one okay why this one is the red this is the 24 months of two years old signature red cow parmigiano is young they only eat grass when it’s washing the ricotta cheese is crunchy it’s nice like there’s little sugar crystal particles in there it is stinky, and dry, and delicious absolutely delicious after filling our pockets with personal parmesan portions it’s time to get back on the road, and we take a bit of a detour enroute to Venice for the beautiful, and historic town of Sierra Leone located at the end of a peninsula on the southern side of Lake Garda city Mione is known for its thermal baths medieval architecture, and rocky beaches from the lake it’s about an hour, and a half drive to Venice where we return our rental car near Venice miss to the station, and take the train into the city it’s a Venice now we just gotta find the water bus number one found it let’s go, and just like that we made it to the starting point of our real expedition here in Italy it’s been a long day a lot of driving.

But we had a couple of cool stops along the way we have finally made it to Venice, and you have to see this apartment okay this is the living room area around here down this hallway are the bedrooms bathroom number one this is Clint’s room just checking it out, I’m from Flint’s room go down this hallway this is my room okay from my room you come up here that’s another entrance come up here, I’ll show you that later up the stairs is the main level incredible woodwork here is our kitchen refrigerator, and up here here is the best part about this place look at this view this is incredible this is where we’re gonna spend the next few days come be better bass stay tuned this week as I upload a bonus post from our one day in Venice where we meet some Instagram models, and I tell you what I truly think about this city listen I try my best to bring you guys the most authentic travel experiences. But certain places on this planet it’s a lot more difficult come what did you say I said that bottle of beer can you find me a local find a local not working just walking around not easy to do here in Venice. But if you want an Instagram girl they are plentiful.

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