Hey everyone this is day 20 day 20 hey Smallville milestone is that at a party 20 um today we’re going to go for a hike we’ve chosen we’re gonna go to the one that takes you to the Hollywood sign. So cuz it’s not raining just a nice thin cloud no it’s nice up it really nice weather today specially for high tide like going for – it’s like boiling hot all right we’ll see you yes we’re gonna go to get some trail mix for us right, and when you order on that Mel we’ll be waiting for our uber, and I see something cheeky staring at us we will be at you soon mr. Hollywood sign. So here at the Bronson Canyon National Park, and we’re gonna go hike up, and see the Hollywood sign Smokey Bear says no we go night-night it’s so beautiful at the halfway point it’s not even still get a beautiful view now we’ll see you guys at the top almost there eating some trail mix we’d be Hollywood how long did it take the view is unreal if you ever come to LA I definitely recommend coming, and hiking up here. Because it is worth it like it took us almost two hours to get up here trying to work out how to get here.


But amazing you get excited that make you want to go places, and this is one of those places this is one of my light top ten things bucket list is to go, and hike, and we did it like we came to the end of the road, and it said damn we didn’t want to turn back. So I think we’ve accidentally snuck into a probably Kanye’s else maybe sandy Cohen’s house we don’t know this is how people get down here no one gets down here is this right there are actually some really nice houses in the street it smells really fresh you know if you’re walking in the forest still no celebrities by the time we finally had coverage we found out we were like pretty much half an hour away forever live. So we ended up walking all the way home. So we’ve been walking like from hiking, and everything non-stop for four hours how we feeling – you ready for some pizza Tommy be ready for something pretty awesome ready. Because I’d be. So yummy walking for hours we deserve the pizza. But it it looks good we’re just gonna chill for the rest of the afternoon there’s a friend’s Marathon on something, and time for some cheap food desserts yummy just a little cheeky tea, and cookie be for still find a weird that this is the smallest jug of milk that we have available ready for feds we clearly had a tiring day.

Because I jumped out the shower. But yeah thanks for reading today guys I think we’re gon be both fancy tomorrow we’re gonna head out to Beverly Hills, and walk down Rodeo Drive. So well thanks for reading guys there’s a thumbs up bye.

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