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From the city limits of Allah computer the road leads up to the hill called beautiful view from where we can enjoy the marvelous panorama it at coupled sub-basins basalt hills the coffin shaped body join Hill the peaked gula chill, and the entire western basin of the lake sigla get Sigma get is one of the most beautiful points of the colorful multifaceted ballot own region it used to be an island standing out of the lakes marshy bay, and one of the strongholds that belong to the North ballot own border fortress system the Turkish were never able to take it in the Emperor Leopold.

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Ordered this fort to be blown up along with others therefore only ruins remain today in the courtyard of the lower castle stands the circular Bastion with a closed protective passage standing metres higher is the level of the upper castle where the relatively intact old tower can be seen which was once connected to the palace of the fort’s captain on the wall is the copy of a drawing by an italian military engineer Giulio turco showing the original floor plan in the view of the fort there’s an extraordinary panorama opening from here to the picturesque hills of the region bearing romantic names such as pull the Fox hangar Hill common stone, and queen skirt the mansion of the famous to dland yo family is a restaurant today.

Oh, it’s chiseled gate with its coat of arms is the oldest record the Balaton region pas de chine is an edifying example of extinct volcanoes, it’s surrounded by columns created from lava, and edged by forests the so-called belt organs, and the center of audigier is located beyond the ship port, and the railway station the sculpture of the great painter Yosh of egg be the lover of ballot own stands in the port his former studio is located not far from here for a collection of his paintings is unexist the wonderful bouquet of the wines here is ascribed to the soil rich and lava with its characteristic of preserving the warmth of the Sun.

Naturally the double effect of the vertical sun rays on the slopes, and their reflections coming back from the surface of the lake together with the protection of the South slopes also contribute to it at the row of stands constructed from basalt stone behind the railway station tourists can taste not only wines but also world-famous specialties of the Hungarian cuisine when visiting Lake Balaton don’t forget to taste the bonus Pike perch of inimitably splendid flavour garnished with a slice of lemon, and just begging for some glasses of water join wine taste the roasted meat seasoned with onions, and pepper the meats roasted on a spit the lot see me roasted on glowing embers, and the barbecue but above all the stews, and goulashes, and the fish soup cooked with chili pepper exclusively in Hungary.

Our way is lined by vineyards, and press houses while heading towards the top to the Rosa Sega teahouse significant both in respect to the landscape, and in terms of literary history the Baroque mansion with arches, and porch been decorated with six semi circular openings speaks of the love of the poet Shawn dorkish quality had for his wife Rosa Sega d Kish veloute was a significant poet of his time his two volumes of love poems written for his wife, and legends of Lake Balaton gained popularity, it’s no wonder that a street a spring, and a lookout were named after him in bharuch on the ground floor the museum houses a wealth of information, and memorabilia, and winemaking upstairs you can see the rooms original furniture, and possessions of the couple together with the manuscripts of Kish Hollow these works meters higher up the hill passing the spring we reach a building once a press house in fishville udi’s possession now a restaurant walking on upwards we can see the rose stone recalling a popular vejen.

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