Ice Cream for Breakfast Rooftops More in Paris

Hey from Paris I’ve just had ice cream in bed for breakfast which was every bit as great as you might imagine now it’s time for me to go out, and find some macaroons for lunch I think I’ve reached the right place it is so beautiful here, I’m just at the entrance or one of the entrances, and the pyramid is over there. So, I’m going to go, and find the gardens now. So pretty having coffee. So seems like a really perfect start to my adventures in addition to having ice cream for breakfast I love this building I have made absolutely no no progress here.

Ice Cream for Breakfast Rooftops More in Paris Photo Gallery

I’m just continuing to take photos of this building and, I’m just on the edge of it right now, I’m not even on the pretty part, and I just can’t stop taking photos, and posts of it well that’s good problem to have a problem that you will have a lot in Paris Aries is really such an amazing, and beautiful place it’s very open for a garden more than I expected very wide open spaces, and there’s plenty of ponds, and fountains, and beautiful statues, and lawns really really pretty or a place that I employees wanted to go it’s one of the most famous bookstores in the world, and you don’t already know what it is walking by the nutria Dom, and I have found this really cute little street here. So distracted again from what, I’m trying to find that was so great going into the book of storage got out no photos are allowed inside.

But it was very beautiful, and I actually sat in there was writing for a little bit back to my apartment, and relax for a little, and then go back out tonight standing rooftop of therapy to me that I was staying in one of my Airbnb hosts friends is a sort of rooftop climbing goby Stewart. So we’re just kind of climbing on the rooftops right now really is wearing heels on the rooftop and, I’ll show you guys what underneath that was absolutely just well I love that going up on the roof like that, and a really great way to end the day, and we’ll end the post here. So I will see you tomorrow for more adventures, and yeah great day today hi.

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