Berlin Map Tourist Attractions

Berlin Map Tourist Attractions


Jugendgastehaus am Zoo, Hardenbergstr. 9a (312 94 10), opposite the Technical University Mensa. Bus #145 to Steinpl. or take the short walk from Bahnhof Zoo down Hardenbergstr. Push open the front door and hike four flights of stairs-unless the elevator’s working. Reception 9am-midnight. Check-in 10am. Check-out 9am. Lockout 10am-2pm. No curfew. Dorms ‚19, under-27 ‚16; singles ‚2724; doubles ‚4643.

A&O Hostel, Joachimstaler Str. 1, (0800 2 22 57 22), 40m from Bahnhof Zoo. The crowded lobby feels like a cross between a frat and a fast-food restaurant, but the rooms are clean. Sheets ‚3. Reception 24hr. No curfew. Dorms ‚10, with shower ‚18-20; singles ‚35; doubles ‚68. Prices lower in winter.

Pension Knesebeck, Knesebeckstr. 86 (312 72 55). S3: Savignypl. Follow Kantstr. to Savignypl. and go clockwise around the green until Knesebeckstr. on your left. Friendly staff and comfortable Alt-Berliner rooms with faux Baroque stylings, couches, and sinks. Hearty breakfast (with Nutella) included. Laundry ‚4. Reception 24hr. Singles ‚35-39, with shower ‚40-45; doubles ‚55-6165-72; quads and up ‚25-30 per person.

Hotel-Penslon Charlottenburg, Grolmanstr. 32 (880 3296 0). S3: Savignypl. Clean simple rooms; the more expensive have private showers. Breakfast included. Check-out 11am. Mention let’s Go for the following prices: Singles ‚30-48, doubles ‚54-78, triples and up ‚25 per person.

Charlottenburger Hof, Stuttgarter PI. 14 (32 90 70). U7: Wilmersdorfer Str. Mondrian-themed ceilings match the Kandinsky prints on the walls. Every room has a phone, TV, and computer with free Internet (DSL). Pricier rooms have whirlpools. Reception 24hr. Singles ‚75; doubles ‚85; quads ‚125.

Frauenhotel Artemisia, Brandenburgische Str. 18 (873 89 05). U7: Konstanzer Str. Pricey but rare-an elegant hotel for women only, the first of its kind in Germany. Rooms are named after famous women in the city’s history, while a terrace provides a sweeping view of Berlin. The Speiseraum upstairs serves breakfast and evening drinks (5-10pm) to a mixed all-female crowd. Reception 6:30-10pm. Singles ‚59, with bath ‚79; doubles ‚89104; extra bed ‚23. If you stay three days or more and one day is your birthday, that night is free. Last-minute, same-day specials also available. O


Die Fabrik, Schlesische Str. 18 (611 71 16; Ul: Schlesisches Tor. This former factory features spacious rooms and easy access to nightlife. Reception 24hr. Dorms ‚18; singles ‚36; doubles ‚49; triples ‚66; quads ‚80.

Bax Pax, Skalitzer Str. 104 (69 51 83 22). Ul: Gorlitzer Bahnhof. A location at the start of mighty Oranienstr. fuzzy blue carpets, and a bed inside a VW Bug (ask for room 3) make for the mellow good times you’d expect in a Kreuzberg hostel. Kitchen available. Sheets ‚2.50. Internet ‚6 per hr. Reception 24hr. Big dorms ‚15; 6-7 bed dorms ‚16; 4-5 bed dorms ‚18; singles ‚30; doubles and triples ‚20-30 per person.

Pension Kreuzberg, Grofibeerenstr. 64 (251 13 62; U6 or night bus #N19 to Mehringdamm. Gorgeous staircases and a cheery yellow breakfast room. Lively neighborhood, even for Kreuzberg. Breakfast included. Reception 8am-10pm. Singles ‚40; doubles ‚52. Larger rooms ‚22.50 per person.

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