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When she finished she asked me to sing one of my China travel by car country’s lullabies, which I did and they all seemed to enjoy it. Gradually they accepted China travel by car me. Their houses are crofts made of pebbles and mud, or brick-like sods of turf. Heaps of brush and root firewood for fuel are augmented by dry animal dung, which is gathered and put to dry in the sun. Some women were at work making braided ropes, others came to exchange greetings. Their salutation was the touching of cheeks, or kissing each other’s cheeks.

Winding lighthouse stairs

At the top some UPPRS members were enjoying the incredible sunset over Lake Michigan. Kat and I smiled and nodded looking relaxed and nonchalant hoping no one would notice our gasps for air. One of them turned and pointed. I looked in that direction and saw a small cluster of deer grazing in the grass. I wheezed at Kat, “Get some video of the deer.”

Gripping the railing tightly with both hands, she wheezed back “No, I’m good here and I got em earlier as we were driving in.” Apparently the bug-splattered window from her earlier video was no longer a problem.

Eventually we recovered and were able to appreciate the panoramic and peaceful scene before us. Dense woods opened to the wide expanse of Lake Michigan. The warm, amber glow of the sun spilled golden light over the water as it vanished beyond the horizon.

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