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Here’s an interesting combination a Greek-style cafeteria in an Irish neighborhood. It works. Nothing fancy here, just your basic deli and grill; grab a tray, tell the man what you want and pay for it at the end. There are plenty of tables, and the restaurant is pleasant and clean.

What’s good here? The dinner plates will give you a lot for your money. There are always blackboard specials, like baked haddock ($5.25), chicken parmagiana ($4.25) or an open-face roast beef dinner ($4.95). These come with your choice of mashed or baked potato and rice or cooked vegetables. Whatever you choose, your plate will be heaped with food.

Jim’s has several seafood dinners, and the fish is quite good: the baked haddock, for example, was plump and moist a good-sized serving. Plus salmon croquettes ($4.55), a true diner food if ever there was one, sirloin tips, gyros, and Greek sausages.

Jim’s is also a nice breakfast spot. The $1.99 special offers two eggs any style, with home fries, toast, and coffee with free refills. The quality of the food is fine, and the portions are large. The folks behind the counter are friendly and pressure free. If the place isn’t busy, they may even bring your food out to your table. What more could anyone ask of a cafeteria? Open daily.

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