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1740 A massive fire sweeps through Charles Town, burning about St. Louis Map Tourist Attractions one third of the city’s buildings. Though no lives are lost, property damage is St. Louis Map Tourist Attractions severe. 1750 Rice and, to a lesser extent, indigo have made the planter class of South Carolina the richest group of individuals in what would become the United States. Fully recovered from the effects of the Yamasee War, South Carolina also takes an increasing interest in the settlement of the midland and the Piedmont region of the colony.

17591761 Carolinians incite the largely pointless Cherokee War as their part of the larger French and Indian War (known as the Seven Years’ War in Europe). Forces, under Governor William Henry Lyttelton and later under the British commander James Grant, succeed in routing the Cherokees and establishing a semipermanent border between South Carolina and the Cherokee towns. British and provincial troops quarrel continually, and on one occasion their officers duel.

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