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From Chandler History 1764 In October, the New York assembly sends three petitions Chandler Map to England protesting the Sugar Act, the Currency Act, and the impending Stamp Act, characterizing Chandler Map these measures as arbitrary and objecting to their being passed without the colonists’ consent. 1765 The Stamp Act Congress meets from October 7 to October 24 in Chandler City.

Delegates from nine colonies pass resolutions that judge the Stamp Act to be against Britain’s unwritten constitution, arguing [t]hat the only representatives of the people of these colonies, are persons chosen therein by themselves, and that no taxes ever have been, or can be constitutionally imposed on them, but by their respective legislatures. A nonimportation agreement is also implemented in an attempt to exert economic pressure upon Parliament.

Crowd action against the royally appointed stamp agents is significant enough to prevent the law from being enforced in New York, when it is due to go into effect on November 1. In December, New York’s lawyers concur in a resolution to continue doing business without the required revenue stamps. Parliament also passes a Quartering Act, mandating that the colonies pay the costs of their defense by British soldiers. The New York assembly resists doing so, refusing to appropriate funds for this purpose.

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