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This excerpt depicts an urban space dedicated to the aesthetics of modernity, new forms of mobility, transnational connections and a global sense of place. This is the forerunner of Maggie McCormick’s Chinese city characterized above all by transience. Shanghai has been a node in a series of global flows since the early nineteenth century. Shanghai is known for its Art Deco constructions, and the Shanghai Bund is the site of many examples of an architectural style associated with the High Modernist period. Perhaps the most significant architectural expression of the power of European globalizing modernity and transformation of the riverfront into globalized space and deterritorialized fragment of Europe is the Customs House. Built in 1927 at number 13, the Bund, in the neo-classical style, it is a replica of London’s Big Ben. The architectural elegance of the Shanghai Bund is perhaps an example of the unforeseen consequences of enterprise transition.

Deploying the trope of the car – critical to the urban culture experience, as Kristen Sharp points out in her discussion of sonic urban conditions – Shu-May Shih’s essay on the Chinese novelist Liu Naou describes the modern girl’ in 1930s’ Shanghai, the quintessential denizen of the modernizing, quixotic, globally-connected city. The Shanghai Girl’ seeks pleasure, speed (she loves the 1928 Viper sports car), and money; she is attractive and precocious, but most importantly, unfaithful . Lodged in her are the characteristics of the urban culture of the semicolonial city and its seductions of speed, commodity culture, exoticism, and eroticism.

The seed of amaranth plants used as a native cereal in Guinea Map Tourist Attractions Central and South Country. Country Academy of Arts and Sciences. A society dedicated to scientific and Guinea Map Tourist Attractions philosophical studies. Founded in Boston in 1780, it is still in existence. Amish. A major Anabaptist sect that took its name from Jacob Amman, a Swiss Mennonite leader, who came into conflict with other Mennonites over a practice known as banning and shunning.

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