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When pitching a tent in winter, the first step is to pack dawn an area of snaw twice the size of the tent with yaur snowshaes. Then three slender conifers are felled and their branches are stripped off and laid dawn on the snow to provide a thick layer af insulation under the tent. Finally, the three trunks ore used to support the tent. The ridgepole is usually supported at one end by a tree.

When the heat melts a hole in the snaw, insulate it with green boughs.


Bayard Fox, a realer-than-life cowboy with a Colt strapped to his belt and legs bowed from long years of riding, had rounded up 250 horses for us in a corral. We were to choose the twelve we wanted to use. It was a test of sorts. Luckily we had an expert on our team, Paul Perrier, who had spent fifty of his sixty-four years working horses and he wasn’t going to be taken in easily. He walked into the corral and, under the baking Wyoming sun, picked out fifteen horses over the next two hours. Bayard Fox watched, a grass stem between his teeth, judging the man judging the horses. Paul passed the test with flying colors. Bayard agreed with ten of Paul’s choices, and went back to the corral for two more. Paul, in turn, approved of Bayard’s decision, exclaiming, “Strong horses good for the Rockies!”

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