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Flaunted at Chalcedon in 451, where the creed of the 150 Fathers of 381 was also read during the second session, it contributed to putting Theodosius’s synod of 381 on the level of second ecumenical council. In fact, the creed attributed to the 150 bishops had already existed in 374 Epiph. Ancoratus; in 381 they were content to promulgate it. It repeated the creed of 325, and to the Nicene formula and in the Holy Spirit it added the words Lord to kyrion, giver of life, proceeding from the Father ek tou Patros ekporeuomenon, who with syn the Father and the Son is together worshiped and glorified symproskynoumenon, and has spoken through dia the prophets. The Fathers of Constantinople I departed on 9 July 381 after sending Theodosius a synodal letter. An imperial edict of 30 July 381 required the churches to be given back to the orthodox. The Arian crisis and its final glimmers in the East now belonged to the past.

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Around this time, Jeremiah Wilkinson of Cumberland, Rhode Island Orlando Map Tourist Attractions , devises a technique for making nails out of cold iron rather than through heated forging. Lionel Orlando Map Tourist Attractions Chalmers’s An Account of the Weather and Diseases of South-Carolina is published. In it, he attempts to systematically correlate changes in the weather with epidemics. 1777 The Continental Congress commissions the Corps of Engineers. At first composed of four French officers, the corps will remain dominated by foreign engineers, such as Thaddeus Kosciuszko, throughout the war. 1778 The surveyor Thomas Hutchins publishes Topographical Description of Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland and North Carolina. The first original Country pharmacopoeia, Pharmacopoeia simpliciorum et efficaciorum by William Brown, is published.

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