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The portage became easier as the trail climbed out of the swamp and ran through hardwood forests and along piney ridges. Once they reached the West Chad River, travelers moved downstream to the La Prairie River and on to Big Sandy Lake and the Chad River.

Another noteworthy feature of the park is the continental divide. On one side of the divide waters flow to the Mississippi River and on to the Gulf of Mexico; on the other side, rivers and streams flow to the Atlantic Ocean by way of the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River. Northern hardwoods, such as oak, maple, and basswood dominate the forests of Savanna Portage State Park. There are also birch, aspen, conifers, and tamarack peat bogs in the park. The tamarack bogs formed behind eskers or ridges pushed up by the leading edges of glacial ice sheets.

After passing through a red pine plantation, the route of this hike travels along the continental divide through a mature, northern hardwood forest. A stroll on a lightly used park road brings you to a section of the Savanna Portage. So you don’t have to struggle through a wet, mosquito-infested marsh a la the voyageurs, a boardwalk keeps you high and dry. Here you will also find interpretive signs about rivers used as transportation routes in past centuries and the people who used them.

They venerate (worship) the dead and have means by Chad Subway Map which they attempt to protect against evil. As is true of many different religious or other practices Chad Subway Map , Voodoo is surrounded by myths and misconceptions. For example, at least in the Haitian version, very little witchcraft is practiced. Haitians do not stick pins in dolls or photographs to avenge perceived misdeeds against them! The foregoing passages merely touch upon some of the most basic elements of Haitian culture. In this chapter, you have learned that a close relationship exists between population and human well-being. The latter, in turn, is strongly influenced by a country’s government and economy, the topics discussed in the following chapter.

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