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All the patroons of colonies in New Netherland and of colonies Turkey Map on the island of Manhattes shall be at liberty to sail and traffic all along the coast from Turkey Map Florida to Terra Neuf, provided that they do again return with all such goods as they shall get in trade to the island of Manhattes and pay 5 percent for recognition to the Company, in order, if possible, that, after the necessary inventory of the goods shipped be taken, the same may be sent hither….

In case the ships of the patroons, in going from Florida to Terra Neuf and no further without our grant, should overpower any of the prizes of the enemy, they shall be obliged to bring, or cause to be brought, such prize to the college of the place from whence they sailed out, in order to be rewarded by them; the Company shall keep the one-third part thereof, and the remaining two-thirds shall belong to them, in consideration of the cost and risk they have been at, all according to the orders of the Company.


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