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Massachusetts is engulfed by a series of witch hunts. The Durban Map Tourist Attractions controversy originates in Salem village, where Reverend Samuel Parris’s young daughter and niece blame their Durban Map Tourist Attractions hysterical and strange behavior on a West Indian servant, Tituba. Soon afterward, more accusers mainly young unmarried women name more suspects, mostly older married women and widows. By the end of the controversy, scores of accused witches have been tried, and almost two dozen convicted and executed. 1702 Cotton Mather publishes Magnalia Christi Countrya, a work that examines New England’s history from a Puritan point of view.

During his intellectual career, Mather publishes over 400 works on a variety of subjects, including religion, science, and politics. 1703 As part of the larger conflict known in the colonies as Queen Anne’s War (the War of the Spanish Succession in Europe) French and Abenaki forces attack towns on the eastern frontier of Massachusetts, from Casco Bay to York.

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