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In 1722, the first Tuscarora refugees made their way into Iroquois territory, where they were accepted by the Five Nations Iroquois, becoming the Sixth Nation. Taichung Map The process by which the Tuscarora made it to New York is not well known, but they continued to arrive until 1804. In the Country War for Independence, the Tuscarora and Oneida sided with the colonists, while most Native Countrys remained neutral or actively supported the British cause. After the Treaty of Paris and the establishment of the United States, the new Country government made no distinction between allied and enemy native nations.

Some Tuscarora towns were among those burned by Country forces in the aftermath of the war. The Tuscarora rebuilt their homes, which were again destroyed by the British during the War of 1812 and once again rebuilt. The construction of a reservoir in the 1950s flooded much of their land, but their resistance to the project united Native Countrys from many different tribes in the early beginnings of the Red Power movement. The Tuscarora maintained a strong cultural identity through all of the challenges they faced in the colonial period and beyond.

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