Sights and Attractions in Frankfurt


Carmelite Monastery; Cathedral (Gothic, German emperors were elected and crowned here); Church of Our Lady (1308); Goethe’s House (birthplace); Haus Wert-heim (half-timbered building); Hauptwache (1729, Baroque, originally a municipal guard house); Historical Garden (the city’s oldest part); Imperial Hall; Leinwandhaus (art exhibitions); Romerberg (square marking the historical focal point of the city, on its west side: the ‘Romer’, Frankfurt’s traditional symbol, it has been the city hall since 1405); Rententurm (medieval tower), St. Chaterine’s Church; St. Leonhard’s Church; St. Nicolas’Church; St. Paul’s Church (cradle of German democracy); Steinernes Haus (1464, art exhibitions).

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One was called Paul, the other Rolo. Paul was square-shaped and friendly looking with direct eyes and greyish hair, Rolo was lanky with long blonde hair, prematurely balding. I liked Paul; he looked as if he knew what was going on. I wanted to be him. Rolo looked cruel, he looked the sort of person who would mock. He was. Paul said this to me on most days from then on. He seemed to feel it was his duty to encourage me to leave the sea as soon as possible, although after this short daily speech, he helped me and guided me in finding out all the little things that made life at sea fit together. Rolo was a different proposition. He liked to humiliate, to draw attention to every foolish move I made.

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