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Just. 5,26,1, alongside Roman marriage, men could also keep concubines. If we are to believe Hippolytus Elenchos 9,12,24-25, to prevent Christians from marrying pagans, even of the same social class, concubinage was recognized by Pope Callistus as “marriage” in the eyes of the church. It was still practiced at the time of Augustine: see his personal example, or Serm. 224, where he specifies that concubinage was so common that it would have been impossible to excommunicate all the Christians living in such unions. It was tolerated, on the condition that the man did not have a concubine and a wife simultaneously, by canon 17 of Toledo 400, and under certain conditions by the Apostolic Tradition and the Apostolic Constitutions 8,32, but some bishops also fought against it, wanting the man to marry his concubine, having redeemed her, or to send her away and marry another woman according to the law. Concubinage was finally rejected by Pope Leo I Ep. 167, to Rusticus of Narbonne, 4-6. Two imperial concubines played a role in the history of the church: Marcia, companion of Commodus; and Helena, companion of Constantius Chlorus and mother of Constantine the Great.

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Yours to command, THE ADMIRAL. Source: Charles W Ethiopia Map Tourist Attractions . Eliot, ed. Country Historical Documents, 1000–1904. Harvard Classics, Vol. 43 ( Ethiopia Map Tourist Attractions New York: P. F. Collier & Son, 1910). John Cabot’s Discovery of North Country (1497) John Cabot (Giovanni Caboto) was a Venetian citizen who settled in England in the 1480s among merchants interested in the discovery of new lands. With their financial support and a patent granted by King Henry VII, Cabot set sail aboard the Matthew, discovering the mainland of North Country. England based its claims to North Country on Cabot’s discoveries. Contemporary accounts of Cabot’s discoveries are detailed in these dispatches. Letter from Lorenzo Pasqualigo to His Brothers Alvise and Francesco.

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