5 Surprising Benefits You Can Expect from an Adventurous Spa Retreat

Europe is littered with gorgeous cities and spectacular landscapes, and among those are some absolutely awesome spa locations. Here’s five surprising benefits you can expect from a quality spa getaway in a top-notch location!


What are spas known for if not beautification? Any spa centre worth their salt will be able to offer a whole host of beauty treatments, to nail manicures and pedicures, to facial massage and vitamin treatments, as well as tans, saunas and various specialist procedures, all catered towards getting you looking your absolute finest. You’ll get home from your spa retreat feeling fantastic and looking a solid ten years younger!

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Stress is one of the worst aspects of modern life. It’s one of the few things we’ve not managed to defeat in our lives. Think about it, we’ve got diets for being overweight, training regimen for feeling weak, and a set plan for almost every problem you can imagine. We’ve not quite got the same capabilities when it comes to defeating stress.

That’s where a quality spa can come in. A proper spa retreat, replete with massage, sauna, meditation, yoga, and a ton of other amazing relaxation activities and services will see you feeling vastly calmer on your return home.

Stress isn’t good for you. Heart disease is rated as one of the top killers in the western world, and stress is a huge contributor to that.

Short term, you can expect weight gain, hair loss, acne, poor sleep and being quick to anger. Long term, you’ve got high blood pressure, and increased risks when it comes to tons of terrifying conditions, like Alzheimer’s and strokes. Yikes, time to rein it in at work, and start thinking what you can do to get that stress under control!

See the World

One of the best things about going somewhere interesting for a spa getaway is that you get to see the world. It doesn’t all have to be about the spa side of things, you can also do some exploration and check out the local sites and attractions. There are tons of popular travel destinations in Europe perfect for a quality spa retreat, and you’ll be sure to find a spectacular option tucked away somewhere beautiful.

Get in Shape

Being that it’s 2018 now, you probably share that one common resolution; time to get in shape! If so, a spa break is perfect for you! Loads of spas boast full gyms, pools and even trainers, as well as perfect local features, such as hiking trails. Going on a spa holiday could be just what you need when it comes to hitting those goals.

Specialty Spas

Are you an athletic type, hitting the gym hard? Maybe you’re into yoga? Or maybe you’re just a bloke, who doesn’t particularly fancy a girly spa getaway? There are specialist spas for all of those! Just get out there and have a look, you’re sure to find a great spa package for you.

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