6 Must-Know Facts About Niagara Falls Before You Visit

In truth, you probably don’t need to read all of the facts we are about to mull over about Niagara Falls.

The sheer reputation of this attraction means that you’ve most probably met someone who has revealed their own experiences, or you have read one of the umpteen reviews  which class it as one of the best attractions on the planet.

6 Must-Know Facts About Niagara Falls Before You Visit Photo Gallery

Nevertheless, behind the great views are some really interesting facts. As such, whether you have reserved your Niagara Falls vacation package  or not, read on to find out six remarkable facts which make this attraction tick.

Fact #1 – You won’t be the only tourist

On the contrary, you will be one of the millions of tourists who visit Niagara Falls every year. In fact, at the last count, it was estimated that this figure was as high as 30 million.

Fact #2 – There’s more than one waterfall

This next fact might not surprise some of you, as the sheer size of the Falls in photographs probably suggests that they aren’t just formed of one waterfall. Instead, there are three, with the largest being Horseshoe Falls (on the Canadian side), the next being the American Falls and the final being the Bridal Veil Falls.

Fact #3 – The Falls might be turned off one day

Well in actual fact, they already have. If we turn the clock back to 1969, the U.S. Army Corps. of Engineers opted to turn off two of the Falls in the form of the American and Bridal Veil Falls.

There was a clear reason behind this, they wanted to see how erosion was impacting them. However, it could also happen again in the near future, with major reconstruction projects involving two old bridges requiring this.

Fact #4 – The falls will never freeze

For everyone that may warn you never to visit in the winter months, don’t for a second believe the myths about the Falls freezing. This is something that has never happened, and is very unlikely to ever happen.

The only time it became close was in 1848, and even then the water was still flowing (albeit slowly). On this occasion, it was an ice jam which prevented the flow, but the Falls never became frozen.

Fact #5 – Things quieten down in the evening

The Falls might promote quite the sound effects during the day, but at night things certainly start to quieten down. This isn’t because fewer people are wandering around, but it’s more related to the power generation facilities that are based all around the area. Ultimately, far less water is “on show” in the evening, as the water is directed to them.

Fact #6 – The power is a big deal

Let’s conclude with another point about power. Sure, Niagara Falls might be famed for its beauty, but don’t forget the functionality that this provides to a large part of the United States. The facilities are said to generate enough power for a quarter of the whole of New York (the state, we should add) and Ontario.

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