8 Best hotels in Santa Ponsa Majorca

It was not easy finding the best hotels in Santa Ponsa because there is so much variety here and it is hard to compare them. To do so I had to read reviews on over 30 hotels in Santa Ponsa on 4 review websites and could only find 8 hotels with consistent positive reviews on all 4 website.

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Checking these 8 hotels in real life left me with 3 not delivering to what was promised online, so don’t always believe everything you read on hotel compare websites, and 5 proving that they are truly dedicated to quality holidays. So here are the 5 best hotels for any budget, small or big, from 2 to 5 stars you can book today, knowing you have made the right decision. The first hotel in this list is the hotel Fergus Style Cala Blanca Suites. This hotel is located right next to its own almost private little beach, the beach of Cala Blanca in Santa Ponsa that is directly accessible from the hotel. This is the ideal hotel for people who want a family holiday right next to the beach. Fergus Style Cala Blanca offers many different types of rooms so make sure you book the correct one for you.

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The hotel is about 1 km or half a mile away from the main beach and touristic center of Santa Ponsa. This makes the area here more peaceful and relaxed, but just keep it in mind. The hotel Sentido Punta del Mar is in the same area as Fergus Style Cala Blanca. Build on the rocky cliffs of Santa Ponsa in de Costa de la Calma area, all rooms have an amazing and unobstructed view over the sea.

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There is a nice pool right next to the sea and stairs heading town the sea, incase you would want to take a dip. The hotel felt very fresh, clean, bright and would be ideal for a couples holiday in a very peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. For a week in June I could find this hotel at under 900 euro with the breakfast included for 2 adults what is a very good price for this hotel. Boutique hotel Playas del Rey is next. I had to google this to find out what they meant by boutique hotel. Simply meaning a stylish small hotel, typically one situated in a fashionable urban location. and that is exactly what it is. This hotel is located in the busy town center but still just a small walk away from the beach. The hotel and rooms have been completely renovated in the past few years. I am telling you this because many websites I was checking don’t have the updated pictures, but the old ones. So be aware of this if you would want to know more about this hotel.

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The hotel Playas del Rey for a week in June for 2 adults with the breakfast included can be found for half the price of the hotels previously mentioned at under 500 euro per week, this is also one of the reasons this hotel is in the list, the great price value. All the prices in this post come from Roomerank.com, the website shown at this moment and the only price comparison website I know with a lowest price guarantee. This is also where I found all the hotels for my own stay in Mallorca. The Holiday Park apartments are great for a cheap holiday in Santa Ponsa. They are just a small walk away from the bars, restaurants and shops. There is also a shortcut directly to the beach, to get there fast. The holiday Park apartments made a very good first impression in the big reception area especially for being under 500 euro per week for 2 adults and 2 children in June. For this price reason Holiday Park in Santa Ponsa had the highest rating from anything I could find online, great price value, just the rooms were lacking a bit since they are pretty basic, but people did not seem to mind. Its great for families on a budget with all rooms located around the pool.

Before I move on to the last great hotel in Santa Ponsa, please feel free to click that like button at any time! Last but not least is the hotel Iberostar Jardin del Sol, the more pricey one in this list, but that is logical since it is the 4 star with the highest points on all 4 review websites I checked. It is located also in the ideal place in Santa Ponsa for a relaxing adults only holiday, the Costa de la Calma, or translate, Calm Coast. From here, from any room, you have an amazing view over the bay of Santa Ponsa. The Iberostar hotels all over Mallorca have pretty high ratings in general and for this reason also show up in my other posts of best hotels in Mallorca. From the around hundred of hotel buffets I have eaten in in Mallorca, this has definitely one of the better ones. So great food, relaxed atmosphere overlooking the bay and within walking distance from the town area and beach of Santa Ponsa. To find out more about these hotels and find the best price, have a look on Roomerank.com, or directly on my website this blog by clicking the link on your screen now , and don’t forget to click that comment button to find all my posts on Mallorca even more easy.

If you are the owner, director or marketing department in any of these hotels mentioned in this post, or a hotel you think I might have overlooked, then you can get in contact with me on mallorca.

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